Leadership Development

Great leaders grow profits

Are you helping your managers develop into effective leaders? Are they contributing to the success of your organization, or are they hindering the achievement of your goals?

Drake's Leadership Development solution helps good managers grow into strong leaders. Using Drake P3, we begin by assessing leadership capabilities, understanding personality styles, behaviours, and skills, and how they contribute to the success of your organization.



Leadership depends on building solid, committed relationships with those around you, particularly with those accountable to you.


Building self-awareness provides a robust foundation to kick-start the development process. Targeted workshops, action-learning, and individual coaching draw on the insights P3 uncovers to help leaders build on their strengths as well as assess and mitigate their weaknesses.


Drake offers:

  • Competency-based development programs
  • Situational leadership and building awareness
  • Executive team-building workshops
  • Executive and leadership coaching programs