On June 1, 2021, Drake International will celebrate our 70th anniversary. It has been a fascinating journey from a tiny two-man operation in Winnipeg to the successful multinational company we are today.

In 1951, just two years out of university, Jim Shore and Bill Pollock co-founded what would become Drake International Canada.

"We started out focused on helping organisations to improve their productivity through workforce measurement, then quickly moved into providing a host of flexible and permanent staffing solutions". -Bill Pollock



From our first, small location in Winnipeg, Canada, Drake quickly expanded offering our solutions to more and more organisations who wanted them. Now, 70 years later we operate in 11 countries around the globe.

Our culture is based on the fundamental core values of Respect, Agility, Pride, Passion and Integrity. Living these values is key to our organisation’s development and the ongoing success of our employees. Each year, Drake rewards its top performers from around the globe by taking them to the 100% Club Rewards Trip. Locations over the years have included: Moscow, Morocco, Monaco, New York City, Cape Town, Melbourne, Barcelona and many more.





Drake is honoured to be associated with the University of Manitoba - Asper School of Business having donated to assist in its creation.




Solving people problems are where we excel. Even small improvements within an organization will have a compounding effect or exponential impact on your company's bottom line. To assist you, we have created a robust suite of Talent Management Solutions and Technologies that will do just that. We can handle all or part of your HR needs - driving organisational effectiveness and business improvement. We also help job seekers make meaningful career changes, provide them with informative tips and hints on how they can break away from the pack, and help them find a job they will truly love.

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of clients, candidates and temporary staff who have supported us over this fantastic journey and have trusted us with your business. We look forward to continuing to do our absolute best to serve you better in the coming years.

Drake - a few key dates