March 26, 2021

Your Company Brand is Your Best Recruitment Tool and Here’s Why

Camille Lopez


Your Company Brand is Your Best Recruitment Tool and Here’s Why


New normal is the current name of the game. The pandemic has challenged traditions and introduced us to the concept of driving business in the comforts of our own homes. Back when working from home was an easy carrot to offer, the pandemic has shifted its luxurious position to that of a necessity. With this as the new norm and making companies across the globe all on equal footing, how do we attract the best talent? 

Stripping back companies to their very core, there seems to be an element that has outshone all the others; making it a deciding factor for the best and brightest of performers to cross stages.  

Your employer brand. 

According to one noteworthy recruiter bloggerit’s more than your name as an employer. Your employer brand is best manifested in your company values or your organizational culture. It’s the common string that ties all your employees, across all levels of the organization. In the face of this pandemic, your brand says a lot about how you’ve managed through your hard-earned highs and the inevitable lows.  



Work Arrangements Is Important and Helpful In Accepting Offer 

More than ever, companies are being scrutinized for how much of their brand has that human factorThe spotlight is now on the subject of how you take care of your key resource: your peopleJust above the element of stability, the human factor in companies is what drives a tenured, loyal talent to explore career opportunities. As a Recruitment professional, I have noticed this trend where more and more candidates are becoming interested to know more about a team’s culture. Do they offer flexible hours? Do they mandate their employees to report for work at their offices? Do they shoulder regular testing costs to their employees? Nevertheless, one can say that the focus now is on a company’s “humane” brand rather than a very fat cheque for monthly payments. 

We’ve entered an unprecedented era where employees take a liking for companies and not for the sole reason that they extend hefty salary offers. Just a quick browse on LinkedIn and you will find that many people do flex on the fact that their managers do not mind a five-year-old kid suddenly joining a Teams meeting or the sudden screams from next door as background noise while you are going through your PowerPoint slides. Many more are joining this paradigm shift where the lines between your personal life and work-life go blurred. 


Core Values Important For Candidates 

Now, the recruitment game has been upturned. Recruitment amidst this global pandemic heavily focuses on what value a company can offer, a stark contrast to the past when recruiters would very much dig deep on what a candidate can offer.  With lots of companies already figuring out the gaps in their existing talent and are now on the hunt for new blood, how can you make sure that you are getting the best out of the available talent pool? 

This positive shift, albeit the ugly circumstance, is paving the way for the management to own up to its core values. Like a double-edged sword, it also actively calls for the workforce to still be able to deliver what’s required of them and perhaps, beyond in exchange for much-needed leniency in the workplace.  

To summarize, your company brand is your best recruitment tool because: 

  1. How you take care of your employees will be a key determinant of candidates. They look more for feedback about working for the company – what is the culture, how the management treats their employees. 
  2. Best practices on work arrangements of the company 
  3. Core Values of the company and how managers own up to it and it is reflected in the team. 


It is still uncertain as to how companies can cope with this abrupt change. We are yet to see how this whole change in the game can affect both the talent pool and employers. In the end, the only truth absolute to this disruptive environment we are all in is the fact that the best talents in the market are not found. They come. 



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