June 10, 2019

Recruiter of the Month: Racel Guia

Drake Philippines

When Racel Guia entered Drake International Philippines and the recruitment industry, she was entering uncharted territory. Almost a year later, it became a field she learned to love.


A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management from Our Lady of Fatima University, she initially didn’t plan on venturing into headhunting. “Well, it is very common for fresh graduates to be pressured to have a job after they graduate,” she shared. Until one of her college classmates, fellow Recruitment Specialist Cindy Nilooban, invited her to try applying for a Recruitment Specialist role at Drake International Philippines. She did not expect to be hired, but it was an opportunity she was willing to grab.


After being employed for almost a year, she now specializes in recruiting for the manufacturing industry. When asked what attracted her to go into recruitment, Racel says she enjoys her encounters with candidates and learn their experiences through her interviews. “I also enjoy the knowledge I learn from them [the candidates], since I get to speak from entry to managerial levels. I get to learn how things work.” She adds, “And when I have more knowledge, I become more confident to do my job.”


But of course, being a headhunter has its share of challenges. There are times when the clients’ requirements change. There are times when candidates do not show up at the agreed meeting time. There are times when a chosen candidate refuses an offer due to various reasons. For Racel, the struggle and pressure sometimes build up, which can be discouraging. “But I am reminded by my teammates that these situations are uncontrollable. The only way to cope is to continue. Continue endorsing quality candidates, because if you stop there you won’t be able to place candidates for the client.” This reminder pays off as she was recognized as one of the top performers in September 2018.


So, what’s her secret? Racel believes it’s her determination to succeed and passion for engaging with people. “At first you will not like it at the first try since it’s not your first choice,” she admits. “But in a span of time, you will get to love it. You have a choice to hate your job or love it.” Racel also advises the same to those who would like to start out in the recruitment industry.


Aside from determination and passion, she adds one more quality: the willingness to be trained. “What I also like about Drake is that they provide a lot of training while on the job. They will not train you if they don’t see any potential. They will be your instrument to help bring out the best in you.”


And for Racel, her experience at Drake has brought out the best in her.


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