Putting recruitment firms to work for you

Drake Editorial Team

Whether you are looking to develop a new career path or you already have considerable experience under your belt, recruitment firms can be a very useful tool in your job search. Read on to learn why job seekers should consider using a recruitment firm and how to make the most of your experience.


Why Use a Recruitment Firm?

What a lot of job seekers do not realize is that using the services of a recruitment firm doesn’t cost them a thing; it is the client who pays an agency to help them recruit and select the most qualified candidates. At no cost to you, recruitment firms can be a very useful avenue to finding a great job. They have access to a wide variety of job opportunities, from general labour to executive, as well as a multitude of different position types, from contract employment to permanent placements. In some cases, a recruitment firm may even have a specific area of expertise. By browsing the websites of various recruitment firms you can determine what types of positions they offer and if they can help you meet your objectives. The goal of a recruitment consultant is to place you in the right role for you. It is their responsibility to direct and support you in your job search.  By understanding your relevant skills and experience and by determining what exactly it is you are looking for in a job, a recruitment firm can help you find your fit in the job market.


Get the Most Out of Your Experience

There are plenty of stories about candidates who start their first day on the job expecting one thing and finding something else.  If you work with a recruiter and you get an interview with a client, it is important to confirm everything that you have been told.  Sometimes the recruiter is dealing with HR who is dealing with a Hiring Manager, and so on.  With numerous points of communication, there is always the possibility that the message could be changed or misunderstood along the way.  Therefore, a person going for an interview needs to be sure to take some of the responsibility in the process. But even before you reach the interview stage it is important to stay actively involved in the process. Here are a couple of tips to help you do so:


Utilize the Expertise of the Recruiter

Try to understand what exactly it is you are looking for in a job and be sure to ask questions.  Ask if your resume meets the criteria for a particular position. Is there anything you could do to help clarify your skills and experience?  Ask about transferable skills.   Recruitment firms often deal with many different types of companies and roles. What other industries or positions could they recommend? Make sure you are proactive and follow up.


Sell Yourself

Writing your own elevator pitch will not only help your recruiter to position you appropriately but will also be valuable when you are trying to sell yourself in an interview. Know how to pitch yourself. It is not easy for everybody, but it is something you cannot shy away from.  You have to know your greatest assets and your weaknesses.

Be Honest

In order for a recruitment consultant to place you in a well suited position it’s important that you be honest about your expectations and experience. The more honest you are the better equipped a recruitment firm is to find a role for you. Remember, you should try to develop a rapport with the recruiter just as you would in an interview. The recruiter needs to feel confident about you, as they are presenting you to their client.


The Benefits of Drake

Founded in Canada fifty five years ago, Drake International is a global HR solutions leader. Where Drake adds value is in our desire to do more for our job seekers.  We go that extra mile by ensuring that our candidates are achieving their goals and have the tools to be the top performers in the marketplace.  We put on regular workshops and training to support you in your career growth and skills development. “We look at ...what you like to do and match that to a career path,” says Karen Meredith, President of Drake North America. “Our job is to help candidates focus on the end objective and to communicate their skills. We guide them and coach them so they’re spending their time wisely.” Our ultimate goal is to find you the right job now, while establishing a long-term relationship for the future. We try to create an ongoing partnership, where we can assist you throughout the evolution of your career. We want you to see Drake as a resource that can help you secure the great positions that you want—a true career partner.

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