February 22, 2021

Outplacement Solution: An Overview

Drake Editorial Team

In this challenging business climate, especially during crucial times like a pandemic - many organizations need to make significant changes to retain their competitive advantage, among other business decisions. Talent rationalization is often part of these changes. Terminating employees can be extremely stressful and traumatic for both management and employees. It takes special skills and thorough planning to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Without the proper process, terminations can have overly negative effects on individuals and can cause business disruptions. Drake's career transition and outplacement solution can assist organizations to ensure the downsizing experience is handled sensitively and professionally while achieving overall objectives.


Proper outplacement benefits the individual — and your organization.

The Drake Career Transition and Outplacement Solution includes:

  • Group and one-on-one sessions to assist in developing career management skills such as resume development, job search strategy, and interview skills

  • P3 behavioral assessments for the individual to develop a deeper understanding of themselves

  • Social media training and profile advice

Career transition and outplacement solution benefits include:

  1. Maximizing your integrity and commitment to your employees
  2. Alleviating undue employee stress
  3. Maintaining productivity while limiting business interruption
  4. Minimizing the risk of litigation
  5. Reducing negative impact on remaining staff morale and productivity
  6. Improving perception as an "employer of choice"
  7. Addressing staff challenges and driving engagement
  8. Providing significant cost savings



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