April 13, 2021

Drake P3 – Behavioral Assessments

Drake Editorial Team

Drake P3 – Behavioral Assessments 



A key challenge during recruitment is differentiating between candidates who do well in interviews from candidates who will do well in the actual position. To hire, and then develop and retain the best, you need tools that enable you to better understand your workforce.   


What’s Drake P3? 

The Drake P3® behavioral assessment solution uses objective, scientifically-based data to highlight traits, communication, and motivational needs that predict workplace performance. The assessment allows you to get to know people better, faster. The Drake P3® assessment will help you identify the behaviors, styles, and preferences of individuals that fit your culture, business environment, and the job at hand. 


Drake P3 Benefits: 

  • Saves time and money by improving recruitment & reducing staff turnover. 
  • Takes only 10-15 minutes to complete. 
  • Enhances team culture & communication. 

To date, Drake P3 has been used by over 580,000 individuals globally. It has been rated as 90% accurate by 96% of users. 


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