Permanent Recruitment

June 18, 2019

5 Reasons Why Employees Leave their Jobs

By Drake Philippines

Employee departure is an inevitable reality for any business. However, when this situation happens on a regular basis, the effects can have a negative effect. Here are 5 common reasons that you might need to watch for.


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June 10, 2019

Recruiter of the Month: Racel Guia

By Drake Philippines

When Racel Guia entered Drake International Philippines, the recruitment industry was like entering uncharted territory. Almost a year later, it became a field she learned to love.

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Recruiter of the Month: Cindy Nilooban

By Drake Philippines

Cindy entered Drake fearing she won’t be able to last, hesitating that this is not the path that the universe designed for her. But she took it easy, gave herself a chance because all this time, she’s the only one clipping her wings to fly.

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OLX Quickly Grows Sales Team Thanks to Drake Philippines

By Drake Editorial Team

Challenges and effective sourcing strategies implemented by Drake team Philippines to find the top talent for the world’s leading classifieds platform - OLX.

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Why You Need a Resilient Workforce in Today’s Economy

By David Lee

Do you realize how important it is for you to have a resilient workforce? Do you realize your company’s success depends on this? If you’re not sure, see how many of these questions you answer “Yes” to...

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Getting the right people on the bus - interviewing tips for employers

By Jennifer Britton

Getting the right person on board to your organization, in the right position, at the right time, is one of the most strategic business decisions today...

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