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Drake Business Review



The Drake business review is a worldwide publication for senior management that will help you meet the challenges and opportunities in your business - right now! This is your "in" to innovative ideas and articles that will assist to improve your business results, allowing you and your company to outperform.


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Drake Business Review Volume 2: Number 3

Volume 2: Number 3

In this issue:

  • Seven Strategies for Building a Great Team
    Organizations with consistently high performance retain their top leaders and key performers far longer than those with poor performance. Find out how to build a team that gets results with these 7 strategies.
  • Engaging Employees to Retain Customers
    Are your employees aligned with your companies mission and priorities? Find out how to achieve a 22% improvement in employee performance using employee engagement best case practicies.
  • The Onboarding Stages Critical for Employee Retention
    How fast do your new employees become key contributors? Does your organization proactively build relationships with new talent? Make sure your not turning your carefully recruited talent into another turnover statistic.
  • The Secrets of Delegating Successfully
    Learn how delegation can propel yourself and your team to greater heights. Increase your productivity by learning how to delegate successfully while still maintaining the level of control you need.
  • Strategic Planning: Don't be Myth Led
    Do your employees feel ownership for your strategic plan? Does every level of your organization think the company is making wise decisions? Do these things matter? It's time to cut through the myths surrounding strategic planning.
  • Engaging employees through periods of layoffs
    Proven strategies to keep employees engaged and highly committed during times of economic volatility.

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Drake Business Review Volume 2: Number 2

Volume 2: Number 2

In this issue


  • The five domains of high corporate performance
    What are high-performance organizations like? What do they do differently? Is there a secret recipe that allows them to outperform their competition?
  • Common myths about employee motivation
    Motivating employees is extremely important to managers and supervisors, but despite its importance, several myths persist.
  • Improve your listening skills
    You devote about 40 to 45 percent of your working hours to listening. However, listening is a skill, and if you have not taken steps to improve it, you listen at only 25 percent efficiency.
  • Don't leave your corporate reputation to chance
    Many companies leave customer perceptions completely to chance. They are so entrenched in their business and the services and products they sell that they lose sight of one of the most important factors of sustainability - their reputation in the minds of their customers.
  • Intellectual capital: appreciate or you will depreciate
    Understanding what psychological and organizational factors influence the appreciation and leveraging of intellectual capital should be the first task of any organization.


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Drake Business Review Volume 2: Number 1

Volume 2: Number 1

In this issue:


  • Stumbling to the top
    Practical advice on how to help yourself and those you lead accelerate their ability to deliver results when assuming a new role.
  • Make the competition irrelevant
    By creating vast Blue Oceans of uncontested market space and opportunity, businesses learn to thrive, not just survive.
  • Excel in conflict resolution
    Resolving conflict doesn't come easily to many people. Learn how discussion and debate can generate creative, innovative approaches to issues or decisions.
  • Rebuilding HR to add value
    As the pressure increases for organizations to do more with less, the need to transform HR is becoming ever more important.
  • Virtual teams - your competitive advantage
    Virtual teams are linked by collaborative technologies, work interdependently and share responsibility for their outcomes. Learn how to make them thrive!

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Drake Business Review Volume 1: Number 2

Volume 1: Number 2

In this issue:


  • Why Intellectual Capital Is The Currency For Success - Lessons From Award Winning Dr. Nick Bontis
  • Seven Things You Need To Know To Build Great Teams
  • Understanding And Minimising CEO Failure
  • Successful Onboarding - How To Get Your Employees Started Off Right

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Drake Business Review Volume 1: Number 1

Volume 1: Number 1

In this issue:

  • Predictive Management How To Optimize Human Capital
  • Choose Tomorrow`s Leaders Today
  • Power Up Performance: 9 Ways To Keep Employees Engaged
  • The Traits Of A True Leader

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