June 29, 2020

Tips for Job seekers

Drake Philippines

This pandemic has changed the ways of the world. The havoc it caused the general workforce left a rough 17% of the country’s working population unemployed. If you’re part of the demographics that suddenly lost their main source of income, now is the best time to look ahead and open yourselves for an opportunity.

One good tip is to build your network on LinkedIn. Use this time to let everyone know that your inbox is open for any leads on current vacancies. Connect with people whom you think can help you land the best opportunity available. For starters, you may connect with our team of reliable consultants specializing in different industries. Looking to find a job in the industrial sector?

Talk to our consultants who could lead you to a career that best fits your skills and potential. Our dedicated consultants specializing in this industry, Angelica Ugot and Camille Lopez, can help you with your job-hunting efforts.

Don’t let these dark times hold you back from getting your dream job. The going may get tough, but it’s the tough that gets going!

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