July 15, 2019

Recruiter of the Month: Angelica Ugot

Drake Philippines

For Angelica Ugot, the goal goes above and beyond her targets. She helps candidates find the best opportunities by connecting them with the right company.


Ica, as she is fondly called by colleagues, started in the recruitment industry by hiring skilled workers to be deployed to places like New Zealand and the Middle East. Three years into her stint with her former employer, Ica decided to venture into the world of headhunting. “I got a call from Drake International Philippines saying that they have a [job] opening for a headhunter. I tried and, luckily, I passed.” She now handles recruitment for the manufacturing industry.


What Ica enjoys about being in the recruitment industry is that she can converse with a variety of people. “I started with skilled workers, and then [to] supervisory until managerial and C-level.” It also gives her fulfillment when she connects people with the right opportunities. “[Back then] it gave me a good feeling when candidates thanked me because they can now send their kids to school, have their own car, their own home, [or] have one of their children finish studies… Now it’s the fact that I am able to help our clients, their companies, knowing that I have provided what they need in order for them to grow.”


Over the years, Ica’s secret to being an effective headhunter has not changed. “You have to place yourself in the shoes of your candidate and client. It should be a win-win situation. For me, both of them (candidate and client) should be happy. Not just the candidate, not just the client. You need to know what fits the candidate and the client.” Like bridging a gap, Ica connects her clients to candidates by knowing her clients’ goals and setting expectations. “What I do first is knowing what my client needs. When I see a candidate who is a perfect fit, I will explain [to the person] that if ever you are hired, these are the client’s expectations. Same goes with the client, I also explain the expectations of the candidate.”


Recently, Ica rose through the ranks and was promoted to Recruitment Officer (RO) from her role as Senior Recruitment Specialist. Her motivation is more than just hitting her targets. “It also follows that I help other people to be in a better company, because everyone leaves their job for a reason. So when they are hired, and the expectations between the client and candidate are met, then they stay, it gives me satisfaction. Now that my responsibilities are greater as RO, I hope that the team I handle will be successful and will love what they do. Just like myself, I stay because I love what I do. Everything becomes lighter when you love what you do.”


Her advice to those who want to start a career in recruitment? Apply each situation to yourself first and think long-term. “I always tell my teammates, ‘If you were the client, what would you do?’ ‘If you were the candidate, would you be accepted?’ It’s easier to think if you put yourself in their shoes… And when you hire somebody, you will be changing this person’s life because you proposed and engaged with the person to transfer. If you worked it well during the process, and see what fits for them, you won’t have any problems.”


For Ica, this has helped propel her success in the industry.


If you are a candidate looking for new opportunities or a company with positions to fill, get in touch with Ica and find out more about our recruitment services at AUgot@ph.drakeintl.com or (+63) 917 851 4767.


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