August 8, 2019

Recruiter of the Month: Allan Borabo

Drake Philippines

An old adage goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” This goes true for Allan Borabo, whose experience has enabled him to navigate the world of headhunting.


Allan specializes in hiring for technical roles, particularly in the IT and Business Process Outsourcing industries. Before starting in recruitment, he was actually with the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, assisting customers over the phone as a Technical Support Representative. Eventually, he ventured into Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), where he launched his recruitment career before coming to Drake as a Recruitment Officer.


“They do recruitment for US clients. I was supporting an IT account focusing more on government projects.” Eventually, he was transferred to healthcare recruitment, where he focused on end-to-end recruitment and learned about the ins and outs of the industry.


What Allan likes about the recruitment industry is his inclination to deal with people. “I enjoy connecting them (candidates) to a job that fits their preferences… And since I’m an ambitious person, acquiring experience has been important to me because I wanted to know a lot of things.” On the field he is working on, his collective experience has allowed him to be more adept in the field through the candidates he interview. “It’s the industry itself (that I like), because you get to know a lot of people who are good at their field, since they’re good with what they do. You get to acquire a lot of new information from them. Especially now that we are on a new era, you have to be at par with what the others know or can offer.”


This has also helped Allan to assess candidates aside from their technical skills. “Especially for someone who’s been working over the phone for nine years, you’ll develop that skill how to feel if the person you’re talking to is sincere or not. Working in RPO, we don’t get to meet our clients or candidates on a daily basis. We can just talk to them over the phone. So, I have developed the skills to have a feel if the person’s attitude is positive towards the job he or she is applying for.”


His secret to being an effective headhunter? “You just need to be diligent. I don’t think it’s a secret.” He adds, “And learn how to destress. The environment itself is already challenging because you have goals to achieve. If you stress yourself out, nothing will happen.”


For Allan, this has helped him achieve and thrive in the field of headhunting.


If you are a candidate looking for new opportunities or a company with positions to fill, get in touch with Allan and find out more about our recruitment services at [email protected] or (+63) 917-702-0987.


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