July 10, 2020

Meet Francis

Drake Philippines

Meet our newest Recruitment Manager, Francis Sadaya. His experience in the recruitment and business development fields is second to none as recognized through multiple awards under his belt. With such expertise spanning to both local and international markets, he is set to head our team of dedicated headhunters providing world-class recruitment experience to our valued clients. Get ready as he drives our team and company to greater heights!

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Speak up and sort it out

Ken Warren

Being reluctant to sort through difficulties at work seems to be a very human condition. Many of us get frustrated or hurt by others at work, but we refuse to speak to that person directly...

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Four ways high-performance organizations excel at ...

Drake Editorial Team

Companies are using analytics in numerous ways to make talent decisions throughout the employee life-cycle...

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Engaging employees through periods of layoffs

Drake Editorial Team

Layoffs can affect an organization’s long-term prospects and have a negative impact on the remaining employees. The restructuring organization needs to retain and motivate its best people...

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