June 24, 2020

Meet Denise

Drake Philippines

Meet our specialized consultant in the Healthcare and Media Advertising industries – Denise Catalina Satuito.

“Cat” has been with Drake International for about a year now and has a proven track record recruiting professionals and highly-caliber candidates in her specialized industry.

She has built a solid relationship with her clients that made some of them reach out to her whenever they need her expertise in recruitment.

Talk to Denise Catalina Satuito atdsatuito@ph.drakeintl.com

Manage your time without losing your mind

Drake Editorial Team

We all know about “Time Management” — that dreaded art/science where we are supposed to become productivity machines, getting as many high priority tasks accomplished as humanly possible.

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Does Your Team Culture Need a Makeover?

Gregg Gregory

Every team within the organization has a dramatic impact on the culture and thus an impact on the bottom line. So, how do you know if your team’s culture is in need of an overhaul—a makeover?..

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July 17, 2020

7 Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Drake Editorial Team

A job interview can be a very uncomfortable and stressful situation. You're only human and it's common to make a couple of mistakes in a job interview. We have come up with 7 of the most common interview mistakes so you can

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