June 24, 2020

Meet Denise

Drake Philippines

Meet our specialized consultant in the Healthcare and Media Advertising industries – Denise Catalina Satuito.

“Cat” has been with Drake International for about a year now and has a proven track record recruiting professionals and highly-caliber candidates in her specialized industry.

She has built a solid relationship with her clients that made some of them reach out to her whenever they need her expertise in recruitment.

Talk to Denise Catalina Satuito atdsatuito@ph.drakeintl.com

Managers - get out from behind your desk!

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10 steps to hire the right person — the first time...

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Workforce planning improves productivity

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It’s vital for organizations to consider these differences when making human capital decisions, especially in this period of economic uncertainty. Managers face significant pressure to cut costs through layoffs, restructuring...

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