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Talent Market Scan Cover

Drake International, brings in its research expertise to help you understand your target talent market.


A specialist research team within Drake focuses on creating research related to local and international markets.


What The Research Covers


Talent Availabiliity

We determine the supply level of your target talent in specific locations.


Talent Experience Level

We identify the experience level and proficiency of your desired talent with regards to specific skills and technologies.


Talent Location

We locate where these talent reside and their interest level to move.


Companies and Industries of Origin

We help you understand your competitors and their employer value proposition.


Compensation Structure

We give you information on average salaries and other inclusions of your desired talent's compensation package.


Added Value

  • Helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your target talent market in determined locations.
  • Aides decisions regarding your talent acquisition strategy and compensation structure.
  • Provides you with an understanding of the elements of attracting the best talent for your Company.