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Supervisory To Managerial Recruitment 


Leaders are vital to every company's success. They communicate the company's vision to their teams and ensure that they work towards its fulfillment, they work with others to share knowledge, transfer skills and build more capacity to generate excellent results and they create an environment that allow for people to grow and succeed professionally.


That is why hiring supervisors, officers, junior managers, managers and senior managers is a critical duty that hiring managers carry to ensure optimal organizational development within the company. Hiring managers are usually faced with specific challenges in hiring leaders.


There are those who are faced with unexpected atrition. Sometimes, no internal talent is available or ready to step up for the role. For others, strategy is centered in injecting new ideas and practices in the organization hence the need to hire external talent. There are also those who are building new departments or segments. But regardless of the challenge, it's all about giving hiring managers excellent options to judiciously choose from and select from to hire for the role.


And this is where Drake adds value to companies who are looking for their leaders. We work with you and provide you with excellent candidates who you can screen for your vacant leadership positions.


We maintain a pool of supervisors to senior managers who specialize in various functions including but not limited to sales, marketing, accounting, finance, human resource, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, operations, customer service and IT. We have filled successfully channeled key talent to companies from industries such as FMCG, pharmaceutical, BPO, manufacturing, shared services, IT, logistics, retail, food and beverage, e-commerce and many more.


Empower your organization in choosing your next leaders. Turn to Drake.