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BPO Recruitment

The IT-BPM (Information Technology-Business Process Management) industry employs more than 1.5 million Filipinos. According to the Department of Information and Communications Technology, the industry has grown at annual rate of 30 percent over a decade. To date, the Philippines is acknowledged as the number one provider of voice BPM services in the world.

Apart from voice BPM services, non-voice services including but not limited to creative, health, financial and legal also comprise the services provided by this industry for companies in Asia, Europe and North America.


This growth has increased the demand and the competition for talent ranging from fresh graduates to executives to fill current vacancies. As a result, companies in this industry maintain some of the most elaborate and aggressive recruiting structures to win the talent they need. In this context, how do recruiting firms like Drake International-Philippines add value as a recruiting partner?


We give you another pair of eyes and an extra pair of hands in filling your vacancies. In a highly competitive environment, finding the right talent ahead of everyone else is valuable in eventually winning that talent. With our reach and network, we can amplify the search and attract the right talent for you.


It's not always the case that the talent you need are actively exploring. Some of the most qualified talents in the market are passive and are highly satisfied with what they have and where they are. Given this, the expertise in inspiring these talents to consider exploring is definitely a shot in the arm for your recruiting strategy. Trust that with clear communication and collaboration, we can help you and our candidates strike the best balance.


We dedicate recruiters for your requirements who possess a clear understanding of your industry and the talent market. Apart from being able to endorse candidates, these recruiters can provide you valuable and objective insights that can help you calibrate your strategies in response to the changing dynamics of stakeholders involved.


Whether you’re starting, maintaining or expanding, Drake got you covered.


Be where your required talent is. Turn to Drake.